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    Roofing process conference
    December 3rd - 4th, 2020
    The Rosen Centre Hotel
    9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

    12 Reasons to Attend the First Annual Roofing Process Conference

    Announcing the first annual Roofing Process Conference brought to you by Roofing Insights. From brilliant speakers to live music, there is definitely going to be something for everybody. It’s time to get excited about attending our awesome conference December 12th and 13th in Orlando, Florida.

    In the last couple of years, I have personally attended countless conferences. I love learning, but I also love teaching. I’m pleased to announce that Roofing Insights is hosting our first annual roofing conference this year. It will take place in beautiful Orlando Florida December 12th and 13th

    I’m going to give you 12 reasons why you should attend this conference and explain how this conference is different from other events in the industry and what this conference is all about. Once you read this I know you will want to register to attend the event.

    No Marketers Allowed

    Reason number one why this conference is a little bit different than others is that there’s no marketers allowed. We just don’t get along with the marketers. I have attended so many conferences where you come in and all you get is sales pitch after sales pitch.

    Forget that nonsense. We are going to bring you absolutely the best of the best keynote speakers onto the stage. You’re going to learn a lot of valuable insights. You’re going to take a lot of notes, you’re going to implement these insights into your own businesses.

    Marcus Sheridan

    Reason number two is Marcus Sheridan. In 2008 Marcus saved his swimming pool company River Pools and Spas from economic collapse. He grew his company to one of the largest manufacturers and installers in the country and has the most visited pool website in the world with over 750,000 hits a month. What would your business do with so many visits per month?

    Super excited to be coming to the roofing insights conference on Thursday December 12th in Orlando Florida,” Mr. Sheridan a keynote speaker said talking about the upcoming event. “Gotta say it’s so refreshing to see someone that is obsessed with the education of their attendees and of course that’s my obsession as well. We’re going to be talking about how today’s buyer has changed and how you can dramatically improve your digital sales and marketing. Ultimately, and I’m serious about this, become the most trusted voice in your space and set yourself apart. So, if you’re looking for tremendous takeaways, I can’t wait to see you in Orlando on December 12th.”

    The Roofing Insights Community

    Reason number three is actually you all out there in the roofing community. I believe that we have one of the best communities in a roofing industry today. You are an amazing group of people. You work hard and you don’t rely on storms to build business. You come to conferences like this to learn how to do the right thing, every single day. What we do, what we teach, is how not to depend on storms. How to serve your own town, how to have amazing work-life balance.

    People in my network they’re truly a different breed. We’re not the biggest roofing companies in the industry. Probably never will be. But what we teach and what we do, in the way we do things, it just simply works.

    I know probably 20 to 30 business owners in the country right now who live amazing lifestyle balance. They build the business just like me and the business works by itself. Not requiring business owners putting in 16 hours every single day. Those kinds of people are going to be coming, you can learn from them, you can hang out with them. We’re probably not the richest but we do a lot of things right and it shows.

    We’ll grow our businesses every single year. We don’t go up and down up and down. It’s very steady work and I believe that we run our businesses just like national franchise restaurants run theirs. We open small locations and those locations just keep growing. They never go out of business.

    This is the best kind of community we have built, and you can join this community by attending our events.

    Elite Vendors

    Reason number four, despite all the demands concerning how many people are coming to us to be in front of you, we are guarding you from bad vendors. Guarding you from vendors you don’t need. I firmly believe that you don’t need a pool of apps services, lead generation companies, to be successful. As a matter of fact, when it comes to business, I’m very conservative and a minimalist.

    You don’t need even fifty accounts to be honest with you, it’s under twelve. I’m going to be bringing only companies who you absolutely must have in your business. Like a CRM company, a couple apps that you must have, and those people are not going to be pitching you to buy their product. They’re going to help you.

    You probably already use some of them. Now you can meet them in person. You’ll learn how to improve your experience, maybe learn something new about that product or that service. If you want to see all new products on the market you go to roofing Expo.

    If you want to learn how to become a better business owner, how to be highly efficient, come to this Roofing Process Conference.

    Fittest Roofer

    Reason number five, fittest roofer contest. I’ve been doing Fitness roofer for four years now. This is our fourth year in a row last year. Atlas roofing products sponsored it. They are also a sponsor of this event. Fittest roofer is pretty much fitness for roofers competition. If you feel like you have what it takes to take the title from the current fitness roofer, Jake Merritt, come to this event. First place takes $3,000, second place $2,000, and third place $1000.

    We’re not going to announce what you’re going to do; you just have to be fit to do it. Come to the event and you are going to find out. I can tell you that It’s not going to be just one event, it’s going to be several. We’re not going to even tell you how many. But you will be lifting 70 pounds. It could be shingles or it may be an alternative of shingle weight. You might or might not go up and down the ladder. You might or might not install shingles for time. We’re not going to tell you what you are going to do.

    Erik Toth

    If you feel like you’re fit, and you are in the roofing industry get ready. Rejoin the gym if you’ve been skipping it because fittest roofer is coming, and you have about two months to prepare. The person who is behind fittest roofer this year is a CrossFit game athlete, his name is Eric Toth. He is the fittest in Slovakia and he is reason number six for you to attend our conference. So, even if you don’t participate in fittest roofer it is always fun to watch.

    Location, Location, Location

    Reason number seven, the conference location is Orlando, Florida. Absolutely an amazing place. I love to come to Orlando. One of my businesses is in Atlanta and I enjoy spending the winter months there. December sunshine, you have a Disney World, you have a lot of great attractions, a lot of good food, you will enjoy yourself before and after the conference. It’s just a fabulous destination for all.

    Family Friendly

    Which bring me to reason number eight. Our event is a family-friendly event. I’ve been in a lot of conferences where I enjoyed myself, I enjoy the company, but I don’t think I would be able to bring my family. And I’m a family guy. So, it’s important for me.

    Not going to have crazy parties, we’re not going to have half-naked girls, we’re not going to have anybody on the stage who will be dropping f-bombs. If you enjoy traveling with your family, then this is a great time to do it.

    We do have a team member who currently lives in Orlando Florida. Tyler is really big Disney World fan so he will be available to help your family organize any Disney World trip. If you want to go before or after the conference or during the conference, just message us how many people. If your wife is coming, if your kids are coming will put you guys together. Maybe they want to go on their own or with our guide while you enjoy yourself at the conference. Just let us know and we can accommodate your requests.

    Timing is everything

    Reason number nine is timing. It’s the end of the year. It’s the time where we all should sit down, look at our numbers, rethink what we did in 2019. I want you to think about your numbers. We all make mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes myself, but December is really a good month to plan ahead, to plan for 2020.

    What mistakes you’ve made, what goals you didn’t achieve, didn’t accomplish, what can you be doing differently. So, come to us in December. Bring us your numbers. I will personally look at your P&L statements, at your reports, and I will let you know what I would change in 2020.

    There’s going to be a lot of smart people in that room. I guarantee you it’s a time where you will be able to make smart decisions about your business and good time to close your books. A good time to get ready to start it all over again or maybe it’s your first year, looking into next year. There’s no better place to talk about the business. So, come to the conference and meet with the people just like you and get ready to plan for the future.

    Best Damn Roofer

    Reason number ten, is Best Damn Roofer. My close friend, a great entertainer, and great business owner. I promised you this is going to be a family friendly conference. So, for those reasons we’re probably going to keep Best Damn Roofer in one of their more private rooms. Where you can go hang out with him.

    He’s an amazing guy. He is not the guy who you usually see in his YouTube videos. If you want to meet the Best Damn Roofer he’s definitely coming to this conference. He’ll be singing songs, just a cool guy to hang around with and he’s one of the reasons if you’re a big fan of his to attend our conference.

    I’ll be attending the Roofing Process Conference this December in Orlando Florida,” Joshua Bigger, Best Damn Roofer, said in an interview with Roofing Insights Dmitry Lipinskiy. “You may have heard that this will be a family event, so I don’t know why the hell they invited me here. You’re going to have to have me hogtied and bound in a hotel room and guarded by the fittest athletes. That being said, I’m going to have to break out sooner or later and go on stage because I’m a keynote speaker. I’ll be teaching you how to brand your name and make you a success on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook and Instagram. I’ll be attending with my whole entire family. So, you guys best come December 12th and 13th to Orlando Florida.”

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    Reason number eleven, we will have some good fun. We work hard, we study hard, that said, we also play hard. After hours we’re going to have a private concert with one of my favorite bands, The Exchange.

    The event is not going to be boring, we will have a private concerts, we will be able to hang out with fellow roofers, with the Best Damn Roofer and there’s a few more things that I’m not going to announce yet but they’re in the works. So, if you want to have some fun with your fellow roofers come to this amazing conference.

    Lenny Scarola

    I saved the best for last, reason number twelve, why you don’t want to miss this conference is my close friend and mentor, the amazing sales coach Lenny Scarola, CEO of American DreamHome Remodeling. Lenny Scarola has been teaching the Rodney Webb sales system for years. He is one of the best and what he does he’s going to show you.

    He is absolutely amazing. I’m blown away by his home sales presentation. He’s going to teach you how to sell in house. You’re going to take a lot of notes, you’re going to learn a lot from his presentation, because he is the best at what he does.

    I’ve been a friend of Dmitry’s and a fan of Roofing Insights for years,” said Lenny Scarola. “And if I know him, he’s up to something. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, and in the last 10 years I’ve been working with Rodney Webb here and teaching companies like yours how to really improve your sales process. I’m looking forward to meeting with you guys because we’re going to talk about how do you get your company in front of that customer and make it seem like it’s the only company they should want to work with. I’m going to tell you how to do it, when to do it, why we do it, and exactly what to say, and how to say it.”

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you all December 12th and 13th and absolutely can’t wait, it’s going to be an awesome event. This is the biggest event that Roofing Insights has ever put together. You are all awesome. I’ll see you in December in Orlando, take care.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel CEO of Storm Group Roofing Founder of Roofing Business School

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
    to know about the roofing business
    Roofing process conference
    December 3rd - 4th, 2020
    The Rosen Centre Hotel
    9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

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