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    Win The Storm Tickets 2024 | New Owner Josey Parks With New Vision

    Josey Parks - well-respected longtime high-performer and CEO in storm-restoration is bringing new life to the Win The Storm conference.

    Solar News 2024, Malarkey’s New Plant + Badger vs. Bozo Adjuster

    Lot's of roofing AND solar news this week – from Steve Badger taking on that one insurance claim guy we always talk...

    Steve Badger Hail Proposal + Florida Insurer Fraud Investigation

    It's been a year of ups and downs, hailstorms to heartwarming stories, and we've got the scoop on it all. If you're...

    Prying Up Shingles Vs. Repairability + H2B Visa Increase

    We're diving deep into the latest roofing industry scoops, from TikTok controversies to insurance crises in Florida. Buckle up, because we're about...

    Florida’s New Roofing Child Labor Laws & Cheap Hail Reports

    This week, we're diving into the juiciest updates and controversies shaking up the roofing industry. Are cheap hail...

    CMR Construction: Unfinished Roofs, Reviews and BBB Rating

    CMR Construction was once a beacon in the commercial construction world, known for its diverse talent and service range.

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    Hurricane Beryl vs. Insurance and Adam Bensman’s Prediction for Roofers

    Big news this week in roofing! Big predictions from Youtuber Adam Bensman about roofer's profit margins!

    Space Junk Crashes Through, Solar Installers Bankrupt & Other News

    This week, we've got some explosive stories you won't want to miss. From a NASA lawsuit to the latest in solar company...

    NY Roofer Covers Up Body, Michigan Roofing Strikes, Heat Risk Tools

    This week we dive into the Michigan roofer strike, explore a new heat risk tool, and share some inspiring news about the...

    Roofing Bankruptcy Scandal, Roofing Robots, and Industry Shakeups

    Quick Highlights: Bankrupt Contractor Scandal: Sam Kaufman files for bankruptcy but continues to give business advice.

    Fortified Roof Controversy, Roofing Material Shortages, and Major Franchise Failures

    We've got a packed episode for you today, touching on everything from franchise failures to material shortages and new roofing standards. Let’s...

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