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    The Future of Roofing: News from International Roofing Expo

    The roofing industry is buzzing with innovation and integration, revolutionizing the way contractors operate, engage with clients, and streamline their businesses. From...

    Storm Chasing Roofing History + Best States For Roofing: Anthony Delmedico

    Storm chasing in the roofing industry is often glamorized for its potential to rake in millions in a short span.

    DeSantis Vs Roofers: How SB1718 changed Roofing in Florida

    https://youtu.be/9cyp00o4FKw TL;DR Summary: Florida's new immigration law, effective July 1, mandates businesses with...

    The Rise and Fall of MCCLENNY & MOSELY Roofing Fraud

    https://youtu.be/V4XH2aUnJ0w Today we are covering the rise and fall of the law firm McClenny, Moseley and Associates, or...

    Florida 76 Bill Defeated: GaleForce Roofing wins in Court calling it “Unconstitutional”

    Alex Gerhart and Zach Willard are the owners of GaleForce Roofing & Restoration. Recently, the pair of roofing business owners made headlines for...

    Listen To This Bull: Public Adjusters | Mathew Mulholland

    Mathew Mulholland is the President of Allgood Adjustments Inc, a public adjusting firm that according to their Facebook page helps “Georgia...

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    Fortified Roof Controversy, Roofing Material Shortages, and Major Franchise Failures

    We've got a packed episode for you today, touching on everything from franchise failures to material shortages and new roofing standards. Let’s...

    AI in Roofing: Insurance Companies Cutting Rates + Other Stories

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKpt4AX2pMc Southers Construction Ponzi Scheme Allegations: New Hampshire Attorney General Sues The roofing world...

    Non-Compete Clauses Ban in Roofing: Big Changes From FTC

    Welcome back to the pulse of the roofing industry including massive changes with Non-competes! This week,...

    Insurance Companies Using A.I. to Scan Roofs + Traveling Conmen

    What's going on in the roofing industry this week? Did you know that Texas used more solar...

    Miami Dade Approves GAF Solar Roof, Big Roofing Mergers & Acquisitions

    We've got your weekly dive into the latest industry shifts. From drone surveillance in insurance to...

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