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    Directorii opens Plumbing category. Roger Wakefield announcement with Roofing Insights

    Directorii is an up-and-coming online platform that connects homeowners with reputable contractors in their area

    During the early part of 2021, Directorii focused their efforts on accumulating roofing contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

    Now, with over 500 roofing contractors listed on Directorii, CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy is expanding his scope and including plumbers on the website.

    If you’re a plumbing contractor who wants to learn more about how Directorii can help you generate more leads by backing your jobs up with a $20,000 guarantee, visit their website today!

    Keep reading to learn why Dmitry Lipinskiy founded Directorii and why he wants to back up roofing and plumbing companies with his own money!



    How are you generating leads?

    What are you doing to make your phone ring?

    If you can’t answer this question, then joining Directorii may be right for you.

    “There is technology all around us, but if you ask the average person how to find a roofer or a plumber, they can’t tell you,”

    says Dmitry Lipinskiy when explaining why he wants to connect homeowners with contractors.

    As the former owner of a profitable roofing business, Lipinskiy spent many years generating leads through Angie’s List.

    This strategy worked well for his company, until one day HomeAdvisor purchased Angie’s List and Lipinskiy’s lead generation strategy was turned upside down.

    Lipinskiy’s company once had hundreds of reviews on Angie’s List, but once HomeAdvisor took control, they removed his company’s page from Angie’s List’s website.

    This was due to the fact that Lipinskiy created a YouTube video that portrayed HomeAdvisor in a negative light.

    Despite the video’s accuracy, HomeAdvisor still punished Lipinskiy for the video, and while the immediate fallout from being taken off Angie’s List forced him to rethink the way he was generating business, it also inspired him to think big.

    “I felt there had to be a better way to connect homeowners and contractors. I started studying platforms like Google, Thumbtack, Porch, Houzz, and Yelp. I studied their histories and how they were funded. From there, I felt that if I had $500,000, I could build the best homeowner-contractor connection platform,”

    Lipinskiy says.

    Years later, Lipinskiy slowly began building Directorii.

    It officially launched in late 2020, and as mentioned, Directorii then sought out respected roofing companies to add to their website.

    Having brought over 500 roofing contractors to the platform since then, Directorii now is seeking to add reputable plumbing companies to the platform.

    Unlike other connection platforms, Lipinskiy’s experience as a successful roofing contractor will help ensure that homeowners are taken care of.

    And, if anything does go wrong between a homeowner and one of Directorii’s contractors, the $20,000 guarantee will help make sure that both sides work to quickly come to a resolution.

    “There is no one more suited to build this type of platform than a former contractor who is service-driven and understands what consumers and contractors want,”

    says Lipinskiy, who adds that Directorii’s website is being built on the same platform that Instagram uses.

    A few industry experts are unsure why Lipinskiy is expanding the website to include plumbers, considering he specializes in roofing, but Lipinskiy is confident his business model will work.

    “For us, roofing is what books were for Amazon. We started with a category we understood. I’ve been in the roofing business for seven years. I have a great network of roofers I can recommend to homeowners,”

    he says.

    “Now that we have 500 roofers, we’re opening our doors to plumbers. The next one will be landscaping, and then electrical. We’re getting a lot of leads already and we’re not even advertising.”

    No matter if homeowners are looking for a roofer, plumber, or even a landscaper, Directorii’s $20,000 guarantee covers every job registered on the platform.

    Lipinskiy says that he is doing this because he wants to build trust between homeowners and their local contractors.

    “I want homeowners to feel good about the contractor they hire,”

    he says.

    “I want our word to mean something. If I recommend someone and they screw up, it should be my problem. I’m not going to walk away because I’m not just a middleman. I want to put my money at stake.”

    Earlier this year, Directorii reimbursed a homeowner $5,000 after their contractor mismanaged money and didn’t complete the job.

    Lipinskiy says he was actually happy this issue occurred because it gave him a chance to prove that the $20,000 guarantee isn’t a marketing ploy.

    “Stuff happens. Contractors screw up. Whether it’s them doing a poor job or hiring a bad subcontractor, something will happen sooner or later,”

    Lipinskiy says.

    “But as a contractor, if I recommend you, I’m right there with you and we’re going to take care of the homeowner.”

    The best part about Directorii is that the likelihood of a homeowner hiring a bad contractor and needing to invoke the $20,000 guarantee is low.

    That’s because Directorii runs extensive background and license checks, and even asks contractors for proof of insurance. All this is done to ensure that contractors are properly vetted and that homeowners get to do business with reputable companies.

    This strict vetting process also reduces risk for Directorii by helping to eliminate contractors who could derail everything Directorii strives to achieve.

    But no matter how thorough Directorii is with vetting contractors, Lipinskiy understands that there is still an inherent risk to what he is doing.

    “I’m putting my money on the line knowing full well that someone is going to screw up eventually, but by us being diligent throughout the onboarding process, I can sleep well at night knowing that I’m doing what I can to make sure that homeowners are being recommended to good companies,”

    he explains.

    Lipinskiy also mentions that quality companies are not necessarily the biggest companies in their respective markets.

    At Directorii, contracting companies of all sizes are welcome.

    “Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re better than other contractors. As a matter of fact, in my opinion the perfect size for a company is between $1-5 million. I’m not even looking for the bigger players,”

    Lipinskiy says.

    “Who I’m really looking for is someone I can trust who needs the business and is hungry.”

    To become part of Directorii, apply today by visiting their website!

    And if you’re a homeowner who is looking for a contractor in your area, check out a map of all of Directorii’s listings!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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