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    Door Knocking sucks with Sam Taggart

    “Door-knocking sucks. Change my mind,”

    says Roofing Insights CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy during a recent interview with D2D Experts owner Sam Taggart.

    “I’m never going to change your mind. I still think it sucks,”

    Taggart laughs.

    As arguably the best door-knocking salesman in the roofing industry, Taggart knows how laborious and exhausting knocking on doors can be, yet he also knows that beyond the pain and struggle lies the opportunity for huge profits.

    Still, Taggart warns that door-knocking is not for everyone.

    “I don’t ever want to sugarcoat door-to-door. Too many people glamorize it, and it sucks, even if you’re good. Nobody wakes up in the morning and looks forward to getting doors slammed in their face,”

    he says.

    “But I can prove how door-to-door can get your team of ninjas going out consistently, making more contacts, and allow you to run circles around people waiting for their phone to ring.”

    The door-knocking methodology differs from Lipinskiy’s branding-based approach.

    Lipinskiy argues that building a reputable and local company is better because customers call him when they have roofing needs. This means his salesmen never knock doors, and instead all their appointments are at the request of homeowners.

    As a business owner, both ways of doing business are proven to work, but Taggart is so confident in his system that he designed D2D Experts to help other salesmen and business owners achieve similar success.

    And unlike other programs or coaches who are more style than substance, Taggart still knocks doors, at times going out with his clients just to show them how effective his strategies are.

    “One of our mottos at D2D Experts is we’re never too good to get in the trenches,”

    says Taggart.

    “We don’t just teach the work. We also do the work with you.”

    D2D Experts has a team of 30 employees, of which only four actually knock doors. Most of Taggart’s employees are instead involved in recruiting, marketing, and finance.

    Says Taggart of D2D Experts:

    “We do a lot of recruiting for companies. We also do a lot of the media and training platforms, so we have two guys that will travel to companies and film, edit, and create their own online training platforms. They also manage their whole online training. We have consultants that go out and train, and those guys knock doors. We put out a lot of content and host events. This week we have 100 people coming into Utah to go to an event that we’re putting on for recruiting.”

    If you’re interested in working with D2D Experts, there are a few things you should know, and none of them have to do with price.

    “There are a lot of moving parts,”

    mentions Taggart,

    “and when we consult with a company, we have a team of about six people that works with them. We have an editor, designer, and a coordinator who manages their to-do list. We also have an expert and a bomb squad team that goes out and knocks with them. We deploy an entire setup that gets great results.”

    To learn more about D2D Experts, visit their website today, and don’t forget to subscribe to all of Roofing Insights’ social media channels so you never miss any of our upcoming content!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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