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    6 Contractor Marketing Tips For Leveling Up Your Marketing Effectiveness (2022 Update)

    Marketing your roofing, siding, or remodeling business can be tough compared to some other industries. This is because there is a lot of competition within the contractor market. Not only are there many potential customers, but those customers essentially have the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing their contractor. This is especially true of the suburbs and areas surrounding cities, where contractors tend to set-up shop.

    So, that begs the question—what can you do to level up your contractor marketing? Lucky for you, there are A LOT of different ways you can bring your marketing to that next level. While we suggest doing all of the tips listed below, only do what works for your budget.

    Here are 6 contractor marketing tips to level up your marketing’s effectiveness.

    man on roof; contractor marketing tips

    6 Contractor Ma rketing Tips to Grow Your Business

    1. Invest in a New Website

    Your website is likely the first interaction a potential customer has with your contractor company. If it’s outdated, hard to navigate, and just generally an unpleasant experience to use, then it’s time to switch it up. Now, you don’t need to break the bank on a new website. But, working with an affordable web design company to create a website that truly reflects the quality of your business is a great idea. If you have an internal team member with web design experience, you can certainly utilize them as well.

    If you want to go the internal route, here are some of the best web design software that is easy to use—even for the novice web designer. But, you really can’t go wrong with teaming up with a professional web design team. Look for a team that creates sites that are conversion-friendly, so you ensure you get your money’s worth and then some.

    woman on new roofing website; contractor marketing tips

    2. Find Ways to Get More Reviews

    Testimonials are one of the most important, oft-forgotten parts of marketing for contractors. Having a bunch of great testimonials scattered throughout your online presence (Facebook, Google, your website) will help reinforce the idea that you’re the right team for the job.

    So, how can you get more reviews? First, you should always ask politely that your customers rate and review your services online. To help incentivize them, offer a $50 rebate for writing a review (just make sure to tell them to be completely honest). It’s actually good if you have a few so-so or three-star reviews. A company that has 30+ all five-star reviews looks incredibly scammy.

    Another good way to get reviews is to reach out to customers via email after you’ve completed their projects and ask if they’ll fill out a survey where they can offer feedback. Testimonials are a must for contractors, as it is one of the best ways to confirm the quality of your services.

    Pro tip: even when you have bad reviews on Google or Facebook, you should respond to them! Try and remedy the situation. Not every job will be perfect, but the customer will appreciate you trying to make things right.

    3. Get on a Roofing Directory

    If there is one thing you do this week to help get your roofing company more business through marketing, it’s getting on a quality roofing directory.

    Getting on the right roofing directory will help get your name out there and win your company more business. Someone searching for contractors online will almost certainly end up at a directory of some sort. But, you can’t just get on any old directory. It should be one that only allows quality contractors on it. Because, like it or not, customers will associate your services with others on the list. So, if they had a bad experience with one contractor in a directory—and you’re on the same one—they may view you in a bad light.

    That’s why joining a directory like the Roofing Insights Directory is so essential. We only allow the best of the best roofing companies on our directory.

    So, are you ready to bring in more leads and expand your contractor marketing? Join our roofing contractor directory today

    4. Take High-Quality Photos of Your Work

    In addition to reviews, actual images of your work are great to display online. People want to see why your work is good, not just hear about it. This doesn’t mean you need to hire a top-tier professional photography agency. But, working with a local freelance photographer will definitely get the job done. Heck, smartphones have such nice cameras these days that you can potentially get away with using your own phone and doing it on your own.

    Just make sure that when you take new photos, you share them on your website and elsewhere, including on social.

    popular types of metal roofing

    5. Utilize Social Media

    Social media is a great way to share project success, testimonials, and general information about your company. It’s also a great place to share tips and tricks that will provide value to your followers. For example, you could post a video on YouTube on the proper way to clean your gutters. You don’t need to go all-in on social media marketing, but having a solid presence with regularly updated content is a smart, low-cost way to improve your marketing.

    Hiring a social media intern and then potentially bringing them on full-time is one way to get the ball rolling if your social presence is lacking.

    6. Consider SEO and PPC

    SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing are two tried-and-true methods for bringing people to your website. Perhaps the best part of SEO and PPC marketing is that you can directly compete with your competition to rank higher than them on Google, which often leads to more conversions. You gotta admit, having the chance to beat your competition directly is pretty enticing. Work with a digital marketing company to help get your SEO and PPC off the ground.

    marketers gathered around charts; contractor marketing

    Learn More About Contractor Marketing!

    To learn more about contractor marketing for roofers visit our blog. Good luck and happy marketing!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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