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    Cedar Roofing Shingles VS Metal and Asphalt Roofs | East End Cedar Company

    Mark Carroll is the owner of East End Cedar Company in Annapolis, Maryland.

    East End Cedar Company distributes cedar shake, a beautiful type of shingle that is gaining popularity among homeowners in the United States.

    While cedar shake shingles are not as common as asphalt shingles or metal roofs, Carroll says one benefit to cedar shake shingles is that they are very sustainable.

    “It’s actually a renewable resource,” Carroll notes, who then adds that East End Cedar Company understands the role that waste from other shingles plays in the environment, which is why his company takes an eco-friendly approach to their shingles.

    “When we go out and forest, it’s a very responsible practice. For every tree we cut, we replant six to ten trees. We are also responsible for that land for ten years, including the reforestation and proper percentages of the same species. We also don’t do anything irresponsibly. We go out and cut small areas, repopulate, and actually renew the forest.”

    It’s worth noting that cedar shake shingles are visually appealing and often weigh more than traditional asphalt shingles, which is a key factor in protecting roofs from inclement weather.

    Despite this, many homeowners are either unaware of cedar shake shingles or opt not to install cedar shake on their homes.

    Carroll attributes some of this to the fact that the cedar shake shingle market is not as established as metal or asphalt shingles.

    “Cedar shake shingles are actually a very reliable product. They’re not going away, but certainly supply has been a bit of an issue for us, as has cost,” Carroll admits.

    “There is also some misunderstanding regarding cedar shake shingles, which makes it more difficult to get full distribution on the market.”

    That being said, if homeowners are looking for an attractive and reliable product for their next roofing project, cedar shake shingles are a viable option.

    “If roofing companies install cedar shake shingles properly, they will last,” Carroll assures.

    Right now, cedar shake shingles are being installed more frequently in eastern markets like New England and the mid-Atlantic, but Carroll says cedar shake shingles are even being installed in pockets of Florida.

    “The benefit of having a cedar shake roof is that it’s heavy,” Carroll says. “A shake has a 245-mph uplift, whereas a shingle has a 173-mph uplift.”

    This means that cedar shake shingles can better protect homeowners from torrential wind, with some roofs surviving hurricanes much better than asphalt shingle or metal roofs.

    Cedar shake shingles also do a great job at locking in heat and air, which can save homeowners money on their electricity bills.

    Despite these benefits, Carroll says homeowners are still choosing to install metal and asphalt shingles over cedar shake shingles.

    Some people have expressed concerns over cedar shake shingles contributing to housefires, but Carroll insists that the impressive fire rating for cedar shake shingles should allay those worries.

    “Less than 1% of housefires start on the roof,” he says.

    “But we still offer fire-treated products to homeowners. This is important because if you get into areas where fire spread is an issue, our fire-retardant, pressure-impregnating chemicals offer adequate protection.”

    There are also other misconceptions surrounding cedar shake shingles, which is why Carroll and his team at East End Cedar Company work diligently to answer any questions homeowners may have.

    “The biggest myths surrounding cedar shake shingles is that people think they are not what it used to be,”

    Carroll says.

    “There are some companies who are trying to get by with creating less-quality products, but we don’t do that. Everything we sell is certified by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, which has been around for over 100 years. Everything we sell is also inspected and guaranteed by them.”

    With only 5% of homeowners electing to install cedar shake shingles on their roofs, the demand for this type of shingle has not increased at the same number as metal roofs, but according to Carroll, labor shortages around the United States also contribute to the low installation rate.

    “The labor shortage does affect us. There is no doubt about that,”

    says Carroll.

    Still, when homeowners ultimately decide to hire East End Cedar Company to install a cedar shake shingle on their roof, Carroll has no doubt that these homeowners are getting an exemplary roofing product that is backed up by an extensive warranty.

    “East End Cedar Company guarantees that homeowners won’t have a cedar roof installed that isn’t cut to code,” Carroll says, adding that the warranty also covers things like rot and decay.

    “We have nice warranties, and they are really ironclad. We do this because we stand behind our product and we want homeowners to see the benefits of installing cedar shake shingles on their roof.”

    If that isn’t enough incentive to install cedar shake shingles, Carroll also mentions that having cedar shake shingles on a roof brings a level of vanity that simply cannot be replicated by other types of shingles.

    “Cedar products in general bring a natural beauty to a home and to a community that you can’t replace with a man-made product like metal or asphalt shingles,” he says.

    To learn more about East End Cedar Company, visit their website today or give them a call at 410-353-4954!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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