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    Roofing Online Business School
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    December 3rd - 4th, 2020
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    The Power of Thank You Cards

    The thoughts and feelings we get from a "thank you card" are immeasurable. Though often overlooked, it kindles feelings of recognition, love, care, and favor. It...

    Russian Kettlebell Workout for Contractors; A Need

    Dmitry, the Founder, and CEO of Roofing Insights finds the Russian Kettlebell very fun, out-classing, and back-building for contractors and construction workers. He recommends...

    Roofing Fun with Fitness Contest: $2,000 to $2,500 on the Table!

    Roofing Insights' Founder and CEO; Dmitry Lipinskiy, created a worldwide contest to find the fittest, strongest, and fastest roofer in the industry! The contestants; Those in the...

    About Us

    Roofing Insights is a passion-driven company that strives to lift the standards of the roofing industry through product and service reviews. Along with providing...

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    State Farm is back at again, this time in Iowa in 2017 as they go up against a company named 33 Carpenters.A...

    Interview with Dos and Richie Rossouw

    While in Texas for a roofing conference, Dmitry had a chance to sit down with Dos and Richie Rossouw, the father-son combo...

    Interview with Ex Yelp Employee

    Welcome back to Roofing Insights! As always, thank you for reading our blogToday we are going to discuss a phone call Dmitry...

    Roofing Insights Scam Alert: 10 lessons from failures of Waxman, Claim Nerds

    By Ethen Kim LieserJoshua Waxman is surely getting a lot of attention these days -- but for all the wrong reasons. Although...

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