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    Why is EagleView Suing Everyone in the Roofing Industry?

    Why is EagleView suing everyone?EagleView got a 125 million dollar payout from Xactware and Verisk.  They also have...

    ​​10 Best Roofing Gloves Used By Professional Roofers

    Finding the right pair of roofing gloves can make all the difference, especially for your hands if you're out there roofing every...

    The Best Roofing Nail Guns On The Market (Compared)

    Roofing nail guns are an excellent tool for any professional or homeowner alike. Roofing nailers allow for a faster, more efficient job....

    5 Best Roofing Shovels For Homeowners Or Professionals [2022]

    Roofing shovels are a godsend when you are working on a large roofing project. Many types of roofing materials can be pried...

    How To Choose The Right Roof Ladder For Your Home [Video Guide]

    DIY homeowners who want to work on their roof need to have all of the tools, safety equipment, and knowledge to be...

    7 DIY Roofing Tips for Handy Homeowners (& When To Call the Pros)

    We get it. Sometimes you just want to take on a DIY roofing project on your own. It feels satisfying and you...

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