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    Tools & Reviews

    A Close Look At Owens Corning Duration Shingles (2022 Review)

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    Reviewing CertainTeed’s Landmark Shingles (Roofer Tested)

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    Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles: An Honest Review For 2022

    Installing the best possible shingles on your home is important not only for your home's integrity but also for the lifespan of...

    IKO Cambridge Shingles Review (Pros & Cons)

    Every year our Roofing Insights crew along with some trusted roofers from around the country gather to rate the best asphalt shingles....

    IKO Dynasty Shingles Review (Pros & Cons)

    IKO is a name that has long dominated shingle manufacturing, and one that we've come to know and trust. As a roofer,...

    8 Highest-Rated Roofing Pants For Protection & Durability

    The right roofing pants could just save your life by ensuring you don’t fall off the roof. Or, they might be what...

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    Malarkey Vista Shingles: A Detailed Review For Homeowners In 2022

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    Reviewing Pabco Premier Shingles For Homeowners (2022 Guide)

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    HomeAdvisor Charged By FTC, Sell-Outs: Consumer Affairs, BBB, Total Home Roofing

    HomeAdvisor has officially been challenged by a government agency. Click here for more details and our take.

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