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    Scam alert

    HomeAdvisor Charged By FTC, Sell-Outs: Consumer Affairs, BBB, Total Home Roofing

    HomeAdvisor has officially been challenged by a government agency. Click here for more details and our take.

    How To Spot A Bad Roofing Contractor: 7 Signs of a Shady Roofer

    Learning how to spot a bad roofing contractor can be difficult for homeowners. Thankfully, Roofing Insights CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy is using his...

    Who is hiring who? Roofing sales Rep tries to hire Roofing business owner

    A few weeks back, the Roofing Insights private Facebook group was made aware of an aspiring roof salesman who approached a company...

    Roofer in Ozarks steals $12,000 from homeowner

    If you're looking for a roofer in the Ozarks, look no further than Maeghan Kidd. Maeghan Kidd Just Wanted A Roof What she...

    Insurance Commercials Slogans Are lies and Propaganda

    As the preeminent attorney when it comes to prosecuting major insurance companies following natural disasters, John Houghtaling knows what it’s like for...

    Fraud after Flood: How Insurance Companies Make Tax Payers Pay

    Jim Hood is the former Attorney General of Mississippi. During his time in office, Hood has seen firsthand how corrupt insurance...

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