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    Home Advisor Complaints: How Home Advisor sells your information to Felon Contractors

    You have probably seen it on the news: Home Owners all over the country are getting screwed by bad contractors they found on Home...

    Roofing Warranties Explained

    Roofing warranties are hard to explain. Over the last decade, they have become disconnected from reality.  30-year shingles have become 50-year shingles and roofing installers...

    Roofing CRM’s | Roofing Business

    How to organize Construction Company CRM CRM for Roofing and construction company is all about the process.Do you know your company process?Having CRM is crucial...

    How to Pass a Roofing Contractor Exam?

    If you decided to be a contractor my first advice for you will be: Prepare to study and invest in your continuous education.Roofing and...

    Better Business Bureau (BBB) | Pay to Play Case Study

    Case Study on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) company review algorithm system.I have been trying to prove that BBB doesn't have an actual algorithm...

    Chris Linder Interview

    Chris Linder is the CEO of RoofingBrand.com, a digital media, marketing and education company specific to the roofing industry on a national level.In addition to...

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