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    How to Pass a Roofing Contractor Exam?

    If you decided to be a contractor my first advice for you will be: Prepare to study and invest in your continuous education.Roofing and...

    Better Business Bureau (BBB) | Pay to Play Case Study

    Case Study on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) company review algorithm system.I have been trying to prove that BBB doesn't have an actual algorithm...

    Chris Linder Interview

    Chris Linder is the CEO of RoofingBrand.com, a digital media, marketing and education company specific to the roofing industry on a national level.In addition to...

    The Best Damn Roofer: Josh Bigger

    About The Best Damn Roofer Interview Dmitry interviews Best Damn Roofer, Josh Bigger, and his wife Tawnya for a funny experience. Josh sheds light on...

    Who is Rodney Webb and Why Does He Own a University?

    Recently, the renowned author, publisher, motivational speaker, and the leading sales trainer in the home improvement industry, Rodney Webb offered an interview to the Founder,...

    Thumbtack: Best Lead Generator Out There

    Thumbtack is relatively new in the lead generation market, reshaping business as usual, and advancing the way business should be. The company connects customers...

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