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text us: 612-254-9849

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    Lead generation

    Door to door Roofing sales with Ben Menchaca

    Roofing Insights typically does not endorse storm chasers. Door to door roofing sales, however, is not entirely synonymous with storm chasing. We believe...

    Telemarketing Leads Explained by Lateef Farooqui

    Telemarketing leads were once a great for roofers, particularly storm chasers. The idea behind telemarketing companies was they would fetch leads for...

    The strategy behind RI Directory

    Here’s one reason why SEO is important for your business: More people search roofers on the BBB than any other carrier. There were...

    Paying for referrals

    5 reasons why paying for referrals can have both positive and negative repercussions Paying customers for referrals is always a topic of...

    Utilize KPIs Smartly to Grow Your Business

    Dmitry shares the 10 most important KPIs you should focus on By Ethen Kim LieserThis is one of Dmitry’s favorite topics because it...

    Thumbtack: Best Lead Generator Out There

    Thumbtack is relatively new in the lead generation market, reshaping business as usual, and advancing the way business should be. The company connects customers...

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    Harris Rosen can save US $1 Trillion in Healthcare cost

    Obamacare was a healthcare bill approved and signed by former president Barack Obama back in 2010.The aim of the bill was...

    Never lie to your clients! Joe Radcliff story

    The moment you lie, the game is over. Dmitry Lipinskiy, Roofing Insights CEO Lying to roofing clients never works out in the...

    How underdogs win in Business with Harris Rosen

    Harris Rosen wasn’t always a hotel ownerBefore building the Rosen empire, he was a decorated member of the military, and also an...

    Roofing Labor Ripoff Con Artist: Cameron Rigsby

    Cameron Rigsby, the owner of R & R Storm Restoration. This guy's been running a roofing labor ripoff for some time.His name doesn't roll off...

    Roofing is not for Snowflakes with LC Nussbeck

    Roofing is not for snowflakes, says LC Nussbeck, founder of MadSky. Nussbeck should know. As a man who has spent his entire career...

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