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storm chasers vs roofing contractors

Roofing Companies: Storm Chasers Scams VS Roofing Contractors

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In our latest video, I explain the differences between the five different types of Roofing Companies: Subs, Retail Roofers,...

2019 Roofing Marketing guide: Best and Worst Advertising for Roofers

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In our last video, I reviewed the top 18 marketing platforms roofing businesses are using to generate more business...

roofing contractor exam

How to Pass a Roofing Contractor Exam?

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If you decided to be a contractor my first advice for you will be: Prepare to study and invest...


Gutter Covers Best And Worst

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Gutter covers Gutter market is over saturated with junk, but not just junk: patented junk!!! You will not believe how many...

Who Makes The Best Shingle #3: Granules Loss

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Some folks out there may be wondering what the big deal about shingle granules loss is. Well, shingle granules...

Who Makes The Best Shingles #2: Weight

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Dmitry Lipinskiy, Founder, and CEO of Roofing Insights, continues to review shingle manufacturers, refuting bogus claims, and bringing sanity...

Product Reviews (blog)

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Shingle Comparison #5: Nailing Zone

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Shingle nailing zone is perhaps the most critical aspect of shingle installation as well as the most vital segment...