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    My 10 Biggest Roofing Mistakes Cost Me Millions

    10 Biggest Roofing Mistakes

    1. Signing up with Angie’s List

    For years, Angie’s List brought Dmitry reliable leads, accounting for almost 90% of his business. Then, when Angie’s List was sold and became a part of HomeAdvisor, Dmitry lost business when Angie’s List became less reputed among homeowners and contractors. Now, Dmitry avoids putting all his leads into one website, suggesting that you should operate from many different platforms.

    2. Applying for business loans

    Business loans can be tricky because of interest and unexpected drops in sales. Dmitry advises contractors to pay for things with their own money, and unless absolutely necessary, avoid lines of credit as they can become cumbersome and debilitating to the business.

    3. Picking up wrong materials

    Signing an agreement with the wrong supplier can be a nightmare, mostly because these companies contractually obligate their customers not to endorse other suppliers, or even themselves. It’s a form of control that can wreak havoc on a business owner, so be mindful of where you get your supplies, and always read the fine print in contracts!

    4. Hiring superstar salespeople

    Dmitry advocates for taking on an inexperienced or new salesperson if it means avoiding the headaches of superstar salesmen. While superstars can generate a lot of business, they can also become spoiled divas who try to run wild with their power. Hire someone who you would buy from and ignore the temptations that come with hiring a superstar.

    5. Never give away control of your marketing assets

    Allowing outside companies to run your websites and social media may seem appealing, but these companies aren’t always the most genuine in their approach. Creative control is often an issue, as most third-party companies try to run your website as they see fit, making your brand's image less of a collaboration and more geared toward someone else’s vision.

    6. Not attending conferences earlier

    Conferences are a great place to network and learn new tips within the industry. Dmitry cites this as a big contribution to the growth of his company, and highly recommends you attend conferences to expose yourself to new ways of conducting business.

    7. Signing up for the wrong CRM

    Like creative companies, CRMs have a lot of control over your software. Sometimes this may be for the best, and other times it can be a nuisance. Be deliberate in your approach to these companies and don’t agree to any services with which you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

    8. Starting a gutter company

    Starting a gutter company can mess with your roofing company, potentially extending your responsibilities too far. Dmitry advises that it is better to offer gutter services under the umbrella of your roofing company rather than begin an entirely new company devoted specifically to gutters.

    9. Signing up with listings

    If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Listing companies will inundate you with offers for their services, but often these companies don’t offer much of a service at all. Be careful or avoid these companies altogether.

    10. Relying on marketers

    Marketers offer the potential to help grow your business, but their services are not always needed. Dmitry recommends hiring marketers on a per-hour basis, as opposed to a monthly salary. This keeps the marketers motivated to prove their value and avoids money walking out the door for nothing.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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    QuickBooks For Dummies
    This class shows you how to set up and run Quickbooks for your business
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