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    7 Best Roofers in Dallas, Texas You Can Call Today (Contact Info)

    There are a lot of roofers in Texas, especially in the DFW area. This can make it tough for homeowners to find the right roofer for them. After all, having too many options to choose from can create decision overload. 

    Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work for homeowners located in the area by compiling this list of the best roofers in Dallas. 

    For a full list of all the best Texas roofers, check out the Roofing Insights Directory!  

    1. Platinum Contracting LLC

    Location: Crandall, TX 75114

    Website: platinumcontract.com

    Phone Number: 214-587-4209 

    Platinum Contracting LLC is a fantastic organization. As a veteran-owned general contractor, Platinum Contracting specializes in storm restoration, making them a great team to call when your home has just been through one of Texas’ infamous thunderstorms. With project managers standing by waiting for you to call with an inquiry, they’ll be on the spot at the drop of a hat, ready to get the ball rolling. With Platinum Contracting, your roof will become good as new in no time.   

    2. Davrey Roofing

    Location: Dallas, TX 75246

    Website: davreyroofing.com 

    Phone Number: 872-514-7154

    Having come from humble beginnings, Davrey Roofing has now become a huge player in the Dallas roofing game. Their two founders grew up together and have been looking to provide quality roofing services ever since. Davrey Roofing wants every client to have the peace of mind and the assurance that their roof will withstand whatever weather conditions come its way. Consider Davrey Roofing the next time you’re in need of a quality roofing solution. 

    3. Harvey Roofing

    Location: Joshua, TX 76058

    Website: harveyroofingtx.com

    Phone Number: 817-422-4847

    With over 20 years in the industry, all while providing an impeccable service that’s ingrained with the mantra “All About Service – All About You,” Harvey Roofing is undoubtedly one of the best roofing options in the Dallas area. As a small business, they understand the importance of having happy customers who will refer them to their friends, family, and neighbors. As such, they’ve created a culture that puts the homeowner first, every time. 

    4. Texas Select Construction 

    Location: Crowley, TX 76036

    Website: texasselectconstruction.com

    Phone Number: 817-707-2368

    We can all respect a business that is honest. Texas Select is well aware of the fact that homeowners in the DFW area have a lot of roofers to choose from. In fact, they mention it in their “about us” section. The crowded marketplace in Dallas pushes them to be their best, and as a third-generation construction company, they are definitely up there. You certainly can’t go wrong when choosing Texas Select Construction. 

    5. Restore Roofing & Remodeling

    Location: Carrollton, TX 75006

    Website: therestoreteam.com

    Phone Number: 310-465-9210

    As an experienced crew (15 years of combined experience in roofing repair and installation, plus bathroom and kitchen remodeling), Restore Roofing & Remodeling is all about trying to find the right solution for your home. When you partner with Restore Roofing, you’ll be sure to receive a personalized, cost-effective solution for your roof. You can trust that the Restore crew will take good care of you throughout the duration of the project.        

    6. Texas Pride Roofing

    Location: McKinney, TX 75071

    Website: txprideconstruction.com

    Phone Number: 469-288-4408

    Texas Pride does it all: fencing, painting, and exteriors, but their roofing is what makes them stand out. They take pride in their work (hence the name), and they actually understand how big of an investment a roofing project can be. That’s why they work hard to ensure that you get the ROI you deserve, and their impressive rate of customer referrals illustrates this. 

    7. Alva Roofing and Construction

    Location: Farmersville, TX 75442

    Website: alva-roofing.com

    Phone Number: 214-624-4229

    In addition to an excellent roof, homeowners who work with Alva Roofing can expect to work with a team that is honest and willing to be transparent with what’s happening to your property. A family-owned business that has been supplying homeowners with roof restoration and installation for 25+ years, Alva offers a wide range of materials so you can be certain you’ll find the winning formula. 

    Roofing Maintenance Tips For Texas Homeowners

    Whether you’ve lived in Texas your whole life or are a recent newcomer, odds are you’ve grown to love the Texas weather. That being said, your home still has its complaints. Here are some tips for ensuring that your home can take on the full force that is Texas weather. 

    • Checking the Outside of Your Roof – If you choose to inspect your roof on your own vs. hiring a contractor, remember to be careful and be safe. Also, look for the following issues that will need to be addressed: missing shingles, damage to the flashing, buckling, curling, and algae growth. 

    • Checking the Interior of Your Roof – In addition to looking in the attic to make sure everything looks as it should, you’ll want to inspect your interior walls for stains near the ceiling. But, keep in mind you still need to find the source of the stain. While it very well could be from a leak in the roof, it can also be from something else, such as a leak from a window or a leak in the bathroom sink or toilet.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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