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    The Best Gutter Guards For Homeowners In 2022 [Video Guide]

    Keep leaves and debris out of your gutter and the rainwater flowing freely by installing a gutter guard. Gutter guards are installed on the top of your gutters to keep out debris like sticks, leaves, whirligigs, and more that build up over time and clog your downspouts. Never get up on a ladder to clean your gutters again with any of these top gutter guards you can buy.

    Benefits of Gutter Guards

    There are far more benefits to gutter guards than simply keeping your gutters free of small debris. Knowing how these easy-to-install guards can make your lives easier and protect your home will help ensure the advantages of getting them installed immediately.

    corner view of blocked gutters: best gutter guards

    Stop Blockages

    If your gutters are overflowing during a heavy rainstorm, this is an immediate sign that your gutters or downspouts are blocked with leaves and other junk. These blockages prevent water flow but also can cause backups that end up leaking into your home through your eaves or shingles on the edge of the roof. Interior leaks can lead to mold growth and terrible damage that needs much more repair than if you had simply remedied your gutters.

    Save Time and Money

    Not every homeowner can or should get up on a ladder to clean out their own gutters. Depending on the height and how accessible your gutters are, that task can be dangerous work. Many homeowners will hire a professional for gutter maintenance, which costs both time and money. And on the other hand, having to clean out your gutters constantly is a timely and pain-staking process that could be resolved by installing gutter guards.

    Prevent Ice Dams

    The main cause of Ice Dams is poor insulation in your attic, but your roof needs to work in tandem with your gutters to ensure proper ice and snowmelt in the cold months. If your gutters are clogged, that ice melt will stay and freeze, putting excessive weight on your gutters and risk leaking into your home’s interior.

    Ice dam in gutter and ice frozen on roof in winter: gutter guards

    Keep Pests Away

    The more sticks, leaves, and small debris in your gutters, the homier it seems to mice, birds, and other pests that want to live in your gutters. One bird’s nest in a gutter can be enough to block the entire water flow. And mice can easily nest and breed in your gutters, then make their way into your attic and home. Keeping them free and clear is essential to pest prevention.

    Decrease Fire Risk

    And lastly, a gutter full of dry sticks and leaves makes perfect kindling for a spreading fire. One ember can land in a gutter and light up in flames. It’s a terrible reality that many homeowners face every year, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to preventing fires in your home.

    Types of Gutter Guards

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to gutter guards. In fact, there are three main types most often chosen by homeowners for several reasons. Screens, mesh, and reverse curved guards all come with their fair share of pros and cons depending on your needs and the type of gutters you have.

    Screen Gutter Guards

    One of the easiest guards to install is a screen gutter guard. These are held in place by the weight of your shingles, where you lift up the edge and simply slide the screen gutter guard underneath. Then the other end of the screen will simply lay on your gutter’s edge and doesn’t require any extra connectors. They are also incredibly affordable at around $1/foot, and they can be replaced super easily as well.

    best gutter guards: screen gutter guard


    • Affordable
    • Simple installation
    • Keeps out leaves and other large debris
    • Steel screen guards are highly durable


    • Unsecure—edge can come loose from a strong wind
    • Plastic screens can become brittle over time
    • May need to replace more frequently than other guards.

    Mesh Gutter Guards

    Similar to screen gutter guards, mesh works by keeping out debris while allowing water to flow through small holes and into the gutters. Mesh gutter guards, however, have a much finer screen which means they can block even more debris smaller than leaves or sticks. They can adhere in a few ways: slide under the first row of shingles, snapping it right to the gutter with clips or other attachments, or they can be attached to the fascia.

    mesh gutter guards


    • Can block debris as small as sand or larger shingle granules
    • Easy to replace and install
    • Mid-range cost


    • It can be flimsier than screen gutter guards
    • It might require occasional cleaning

    Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

    For a more aesthetically pleasing gutter guard, reverse curve gutter guards are installed on top of your gutters and actually help the water flow over it rather than through holes on top. The curved design allows all debris, large or small, to flow off the roof but directs the water to flow back into the gutters. They are often made of molded plastic or lightweight metal, and it’s important to install them at the same angle as the roof slope.

    reverse curve gutter guards on roof


    • Great for heavy tree overhang
    • Keeps out whirligigs and other troublesome debris
    • It can come in an array of colors to match your home and gutters


    • More expensive than the others
    • Require professional installation
    • More visible than the screen or mesh gutter guards

    The Best Gutter Guards for 2022

    Here are some of the best gutter guards you can buy for your home this year.

    The Best Mesh Gutter Guard

    Appleton Supply Clean Mesh Gutter Guard, found at Menards, is Dimitri’s choice for the best mesh gutter guard. These gutter guards are great in price, size, look, and functionality. The additional siphoning louver brings elements of the reverse curve style guard and pairs it with a mesh style for ultimate water flow improvement.

    The Best Screen Gutter Guard

    The Amerimax Lock-in Gutter Guard can be found on Amazon and is one of the best, easiest to install, and least noticeable of these gutter guards. They are a strong screen guard that slides under the shingles and snaps over the edge of your gutters for extra security. Plus, the three-foot strips mean you can cover more area with fewer pieces.

    The Best Reverse Curve Gutter Guard

    If the reverse gutter guard is the route you want to take, LeafGuard is a great household name that will get the job done. It’s super affordable for being the more advanced system and will easily install onto existing gutters. For more info and to purchase, visit their website here.

    This is a small glimpse into the world of gutter guards, where the choices are nearly endless. If you can first determine which style of guard you want, you’ve got a great start. And by watching the videos and considering our recommendations above, you should be able to find the perfect solution for your home and will have fast, free-flowing water through your gutters in no time.

    Find A Local Contractor That’s Right For You!

    To install your new gutter guards, call your local contractor so they can get it done the right way, and you can rest assured knowing your gutters are free of debris and blockages. To quickly and easily find a local contractor, visit The Directory, plug in your zip code, and you’ll get a list of reputable contractors you can call! Thanks for reading and watching, and as always, stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the pros at Roofing Insights.

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    2. The rainy season is here, and we don’t think that our gutters can hold all that rainwater any longer. That’s why we’re interested in replacing them with new ones, and we’d like to know more about gutter guards. We appreciate you teaching us that gutter guards help prevent pests.

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