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    Steve Badger on Appraisers + Tesla Solar: This Week in Roofing

    Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog!

    • If you’ve been looking for the pulse of the roofing industry, you’ve clicked on the right post.
    • This week’s roundup is a real roller-coaster ride through the highs and lows of the trade.
    • Let’s nail down the details!

    BADGER’S CORNER: Ethics in the Spotlight

    We kick off with the sage insights from Steve Badger, an insurance industry attorney with a reputation for diving into hot debates.

    The spice this week? A contentious LinkedIn post questioning the ethics of appraisers celebrating their “big award” wins on social media.

    Badger warns that such displays could compromise their impartiality and serve as ammunition for defense attorneys in the courtroom.

    It’s a classic tale of professionalism vs. publicity in the digital age.

    WHEN HUMOR HITS HARD: Funny News (That Was Dumb)

    Laughter rippled through the industry with a viral video from Lee Haight, garnering reactions that were anything but endorsements.

    With a top comment branding him “the worst sales dude,” it’s a stark reminder that not all gurus should be followed. Sometimes the joke’s on the joker, and in sales, credibility is your currency.

    THE TOOL TIME TALK: Balancing Act

    Moving on to innovations, a video demonstrating a rig that perfectly balances power tools has captured the attention of contractors. The question is, would you use this tool? Or is it a solution looking for a problem? Either way, it’s exciting to see new tech shape the future of roofing work.

    DISTRIBUTORS ON THE RISE: Beacon’s Expansion

    Then there’s big news from Beacon, which is not just flashing but blazing a trail with new locations across the U.S. as part of their “Ambition 2025 plan”. With distributors like ABC Supply and SRS also spreading their wings, it’s clear the industry is in a growth spurt. But what does this mean for local contractors? That’s the million-dollar question.

    TESLA SOLAR’S SETBACK: A Dimming Trend?

    Tesla Solar’s latest report reveals a glaring 25% drop in solar deployment, igniting discussions on whether this signals a sunset for the company’s solar ambitions. Between rising interest rates, policy changes, and a multimillion-dollar lawsuit settlement, Elon Musk’s green powerhouse seems to be hitting more than a few bumps on the road.

    FINES, SCAMS, AND JAIL TIME: Industry Integrity on the Line

    The darker side of the industry reared its head in Grandville, Michigan, with allegations of unfinished jobs and financial fraud against Blake Hoogterp of Great Lakes Roofing & Exteriors.

    Meanwhile, another roofer in Oregon faces accusations of scamming an elderly person out of $34,000.

    It’s a sobering reminder that for every solid professional out there, there’s a scammer ready to tar the industry’s reputation.

    LEGAL BATTLES: The Fight for Free Speech or Fair Play?

    Lastly, we delve into the legal arena where Stonewater Roofing is taking on the Texas Department of Insurance. The case hinges on whether licensing requirements for public adjusters infringe on free speech. With industry stakeholders like Steve Badger weighing in, it’s clear that the outcome could have far-reaching implications for homeowners and contractors alike.

    That wraps up our week in the world of roofing! From ethical debates to legal battles, it’s never just about the shingles and nails.

    What’s your take on these issues? Drop a comment below and join the conversation.

    Don’t forget to tune in next Sunday for your next update. If you’re enjoying the content, a like and subscribe would be the cherry on top of our roofing sundae!

    Until then, keep your tools sharp and your ethics sharper!

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