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    Atlas Roofing Shingles: Big Review by Roofing Insights

    Atlas roofing products are designed to meet every market segment

    Homeowners and contractors, we need to talk about the elephant in the room, that elephant has been there for years and the name of that elephant is Atlas Roofing brand roofing shingles. I’m just so impressed with Atlas roofing and I love the live, roof, play philosophy they employ in their daily lives.

    Atlas Roofing Corporation is not your typical, shingle manufacturer. They strive to be different, unique, innovative, and most importantly, accessible. Atlas roofing products are designed to meet every market segment. Beginning in the early 80s with a single asphalt shingle manufacturing facility in Meridian, Mississippi, and with its purchase of four additional roofing plants in the mid-90s, Atlas has grown to keep up with the demands of the ever-growing asphalt shingle industry.

    Roofing is and exciting building materials industry that thrives on new ideas and innovation. Atlas has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for its efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by industry trade organizations for its efforts in safety across its many facilities, and by several national building materials supply chains for growth and partnerships.

    Atlas has an innovative sales & marketing strategy that focuses on value selling, relationship building, and business development techniques to create lasting customer partnerships. If you read on, I'm going to explain in detail why Atlas is such a big deal. I'm going to give you six reasons why everybody should be paying attention to them and everything they do in the roofing industry.

    1. They Tell You How It Is

    Reason number one, what separates them from competition, there is zero nonsense in their customer service. Last year I met with the owner of a large roofing business, a big company that does something like fifteen million dollars in sales per years. I asked him, why do you install Atlas? He said when he met with the reps and he asked Atlas about their warranties he got answers like from no other brands and I can testify to that. They shoot from the hip and tell you exactly how it is. That is impressive in the roofing industry. When you talk about warranties there's a lot of misleading information being disseminated out there.

    Also, you should take the time to read your agreement with the roofing shingle brand that you contract with. I mean some you cannot even make a YouTube video and talk about your work with installing certain roofing shingle brands because the agreement you signed disallows you from talking about that company’s product in any way shape or form.

    With Atlas they say it how it is, there's no BS, there's no shenanigans, you get honest answers. If they don't cover it, they don't have something they're going to tell you to try and cover it up. They're not going to lie to you and I really appreciate that about the brand.

    2. They Listen to Recommendations

    Reason number two, they have one of the most amazing marketing teams in the industry. I've met with almost all the major roofing manufacturers out there. Be it their management team or there marketing team and I'm telling you that Atlas is way out there, they actually listen.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have met with the marketing person and recommending something or given them feedback about what installers or roofers or business owners think about their brand and what they should change.

    Atlas is one of a kind, if you make them a recommendation, tell them hey guys you should be doing this or that, they listen. Two three months later you see them doing it. Their company is on point.

    They are not a big brand, so you don't see them throwing million-dollar events, but they do things like bringing on Mike Holmes who has been on TV for over 15 years to do their videos and establish partnerships with awesome companies like 3M Company.

    They are simply doing a lot of a good stuff and have a phenomenally honest marketing department and that's one of the reasons they're so successful and grown so fast. So, that's another reason I love them because I can understand marketing, I can relate to marketing, I see their videos, everything is top notch, good job Atlas.

    3. Great Fanbase of Installers

    Reason number three, they have true fans who are roofing installers. If you go on social media and you start asking questions about different products, sure there's bigger brands then Atlas, and what's happening is business owners are deciding who to contract with based on company size. I like to see what the reviews have to say about the company regardless of size.

    There are a lot of reasons roofing business owners make decisions about who to contract with. The company offers perks, maybe rebates, maybe exclusive accessibility in your market, maybe some other reasons. I've seen people signing up for brands because you know they buy them drinks every week, or every month and they just like to get together and party.

    So, different reasons why business owners make decisions but when installers actual go on social media and say I’m a fan of this company, I install this stuff every single day and I love it, I’m proud to be installing these roofs. That says a lot about a company’s product and Atlas has that going for them in spades.

    For example, some of the biggest brands out there they don't have as many fans on social media. Business owners might say no we don't have warranty issue, but installers say your product is paper-thin and you see and analyze that feedback. Atlas has so many installer fans and you cannot argue with that type of defense. A business is often only as good as what people are saying about them. When you have installer fans who are saying the product is good, it makes you believe that it truly is a great product.

    4. Committed to Social Media Feedback

    Reason number four, and this is huge, Atlas is one of the only companies out there in the roofing space who have enabled Facebook reviews. Do you like Facebook reviews? How can it be a big deal right?

    It's a huge deal, it tells me that they are committed to their product, committed to the feedback, they want to improve, and they're not afraid of negative feedback. If you go and look at the biggest brands who sell different shingles, they disable the Facebook comments. They are afraid that people will talk, and roofing is very tough and competitive, so no roofing business owner likes to see bad comments about their business.

    There are roofers out there not doing it right and don’t want people to be able to comment about their lack of skilled craftsmanship. I have seen videos and in comments or reviews about roofers laying over old shingles, doing a hack job, and I have seen comments that say recently installed shingles have failed.

    The only reason for roofing shingles to fail is because the roofer didn't install them properly. When you have a manufacturer out there who sells a ton of shingles to everybody and anybody, it can come back and bit them. When a roofer does a hack job with the product, it just opens up the gates for trouble. Allowing homeowners to leave comments on something as big as Facebook which a lot of people read is a big deal.

    Atlas is not hiding; you're talking about a company that had a class-action lawsuit against them. All the major brands have had them at one time or another. Products will fail. That's what you get when you experiment. When you try to come up with something new.

    So, Atlas did have a failed product and had to pay the piper in their class-action lawsuit. But here’s the thing, they stepped up to the plate and now they're not afraid. For Atlas to be asking you for reviews on social media, it's amazing.

    There are competitors literally blocking comments, blocking using social media, just to promote their brand with their own content. But social media is also supposed to help businesses connect with the customer and get feedback. Atlas is one of the very few companies who enable it and I salute them for that.

    5. It’s All About Product

    Reason number five, why everybody should be paying attention to Atlas, they are trending their numbers. You can see by the numbers that they are the underdogs, they're like number four manufacturer out there right now.

    I would rather work with the underdog who is hungry then with somebody who's already made it in the big leagues, when they don't care about change. I firmly believe that you're never too big to fail. The history of business shows that fact all the time, a lot of
    big retailers have had to close the doors.

    That's what happens when you don't listen, that's what happens when you don't want to adapt, or you don't improve your product.

    In the roofing business, it's all about product. You know roofing products matter to Atlas. They do an amazing job, they are very innovative, they keep you in the known, they have shingles with a class four impact product rating, if you're looking to make a statement on a roof it is definitely one of the best shingles on the market.

    I would seriously consider switching to Atlas. If you are a startup company, I would seriously consider Atlas. I know you will be happy with your decision. I have to say I would install Atlas on my roof, yes, I would.

    6. A Great Sponsor of Roofing

    Reason number six, did Atlas ever pay me money for any reviews? Atlas probably bought me several meals so yeah, they did feed me a few times. Atlas also sponsored if you remember last year, The Fittest Roofer. The money did not go to us, it was all in giveaways and prize money.

    So, we took sponsorships money and we'll take sponsorships money from any brand who wants to do something good for the roofing industry and pay back and recognize hard-working guys. Atlas might sponsor you know another event or two maybe, but the point is we have never ever taken any money for any reviews or any comparisons.

    The bottom line is I owe it to you guys to be honest about my reviews and not be biased in anyway. If you're the homeowner I want to be your go to reference. Your YouTube channel that you can trust, where you can get the honest answers. So, if you're considering Atlas products, maybe you have a sales guy in your house right now, maybe two sales guys. One has Atlas, another has some other brand, and you're considering him. I'm here to tell you Atlas is a great choice. If you like other one great, do your own research, but I recommend Atlas.

    I stay behind Atlas not because I have installed them in the past but because I've seen them over time, I've seen them thoroughly tested and they're a great product. If you are a homeowner maybe looking for an Atlas preferred contractor, you can contact us. I'll give you a few referrals from my network, you can also go to the Atlas website and I'm sure they'll recommend somebody in that area, now that's making it right.

    Well that’s it for my review on Atlas roofing shingles, I want to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know in comments below what do you install and if you agree with my points or if you don't agree with my points. Let me know, you're not going to offend me, that's what social media is all about.

    I want to hear from you, let me know if you have complaints, maybe you have had a bad job or bad contractor. Maybe the contractor switched from Atlas, I want to hear from you.

    Here at Roofing Insights, we are the voice of Roofing Community. I'm always listening. I read all my comments. I reply to all my comments myself. I don't have five people doing it for me and I want to hear from you. Also, you can sign up for one of my classes and learn more about how to be successful in the roofing business. Thanks for reading.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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