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    Atlas Chalet Shingles

    As a 31-year-old entrepreneur, Brent Simmons has grown accustomed to people questioning his business acumen. Despite Roofing Restoration’s continued growth and success, Simmons still finds himself fighting the notion that he is too young to be a reliable contractor.

    Simmons’ competitors, all of whom are older, receive more credibility from consumers, solely based on their perceived age.

    This adversity doesn’t discourage Simmons. He knows that success in the roofing industry is no easy task, which is why he’s willing to prove his talent every day he steps out of his house.

    It’s also why we at Roofing Insights have chosen to partner up with Brent Simmons. We know the potential he possesses is too good to ignore.

    For a guy who started roofing solely off referrals, Simmons’ business, and confidence, have grown exponentially.

    Speaking of confidence, Simmons has a tight-knit relationship with Atlas, the company who manufactures Simmons’ desired brand of shingles.

    Atlas and Simmons partnered together because each believes in the quality of work the other produces, although that relationship was put to the test when Atlas’ new Chalet shingles weren’t effectively protecting people’s homes.

    Despite the Chalet’s struggles, Simmons never wavered in his desire to predominantly use their shingles.

    “I’m a relationship guy. I like people that I can call up if I’ve got a technical question and know that I can get an answer quickly,”
    Simmons says.
    “I love Atlas. Atlas has been fantastic to deal with. It’s easy as hell.”

    Simmons has scoped out homes in the Memphis area, and over time he’s noticed that even though Atlas’ Chalet shingles failed many homeowners, a large amount have also held steady.

    The Chalet was designed to last 20 years, and with complaints about the shingles drastically decreasing, it’s possible that Atlas’ new technology was indeed a crafty invention.

    While Simmons will remain loyal to Atlas, he also knows there is a day where he might be installing a different brand of shingles on roofs.

    “I think there’s a lot of good shingles out there,”

    Simmons says.

    But how good are some of the other shingles brands?

    Recently, a few companies have come out with 50-year warranties for their shingles, a concept that both Roofing Insights and Brent Simmons find amusing.

    There simply is no way that a shingle will last for 50 years.

    “In Memphis they won’t,”

    Simmons assures.

    It would seem that manufacturers are betting large on their products, but a little investigating by the team at Roofing Insights revealed that the language in those warranties offers no real protection for homeowners.

    Essentially, the manufacturers are marketing their product as long-lasting, but based on their warranties, they aren’t planning on actually honoring those, except in extremely rare conditions.

    “No shingle is going to last 50 years. Every roof needs maintenance,”

    says Simmons.

    Thank you for reading another post from the experts at Roofing Insights!

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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