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    MMA Velawcity Lawsuit, Roofing AR-15 Promo & OSHA Fines

    Welcome to our weekly roundup of the most riveting stories in the roofing industry. From legal scandals to innovative promotions and safety violations, we’ve got a lot to cover. Let’s dive in!

    The MMA-Velawcity Scandal: Unraveling the Layers of Legal Deception

    This week’s update from Steve Badger sheds light on the concerning practices of MMA and Velawcity.

    The duo’s involvement in illegal client pre-screening and unlicensed legal activities has sparked an industry-wide debate on the legality of similar practices.

    This revelation questions the integrity of legal practices in the roofing industry.

    Roof EZ’s Bizarre Thanksgiving Offer: Roofs, Turkeys, and AR-15s

    In a mix of bizarre and bold, Florida’s Roof EZ is running a Thanksgiving promotion you won’t believe. They’re offering a free turkey and an AR-15 rifle with every roof purchase.

    This eyebrow-raising campaign follows their recent loss of a valuable trailer, possibly hinting at a unique strategy to stay afloat in a competitive market.

    Honest Abe’s Franchise Fallout: Unfinished Work and Home Liens

    The closure of Honest Abe’s franchises in Tampa and Jacksonville has left customers grappling with unfinished roofing projects. The company’s recent public statement promises to tackle the issue of liens on affected homes, indicating a move towards rectifying the situation.

    Elite Roofing Services Faces $520K Fine for Safety Violations Leading to Tragedy

    In a sobering reminder of workplace safety’s importance, Elite Roofing Services faces a $520,000 OSHA fine. This penalty comes after a tragic incident where a worker’s death could have been prevented with proper safety measures, highlighting the need for stringent safety protocols in the industry.

    Repeat Offender Brayden Roofing Slapped with $72K OSHA Fine

    Brayden Roofing, with a history of neglecting worker safety, faces a $72,000 fine from OSHA. This fine serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of upholding safety standards to protect workers in the roofing sector.

    • Four previous investigations in two years
    • Consistent failure to provide fall protection
    • A call to action for improved safety compliance

    Midas Construction vs. Trey Downing: A $1.5 Million Legal Showdown

    The legal battle between Midas Construction and subcontractor Trey Downing is heating up over incomplete projects and unpaid suppliers. This lawsuit underscores the importance of reliability and financial ethics in construction subcontracting.

    MMA and Apex Roofing Under Criminal Investigation for Insurance Fraud

    Louisiana State Police’s criminal investigation into MMA and Apex Roofing for potential insurance fraud adds a new dimension to the legal woes of both companies. This development raises serious concerns about their future in the roofing industry.

    That wraps up this week’s roundup in the roofing world. Stay tuned for our next update and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more intriguing stories from the industry.

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