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    All Phase Construction USA with Chris Porosky

    Since 2005, Chris Porosky has owned and operated All Phase Construction USA in Deerfield Beach, Florida, all while bringing a tireless devotion to both his company and roofing in general.

    For Porosky, owning a roofing company is everything he could have dreamed of after moving from Canada to Florida.

    Even better, Porosky and All Phase Construction USA benefit from the tropical climate that every year generates business for his company because of the consistent rainstorms.

    “We are always ten minutes from the ocean,”

    says Porosky.

    “We deal with harsh elements. We are the heart of the high velocity hurricane zone. We have the toughest building codes in the nation and there is always roofing available. It is 24/7, 365 days a year here.”

    Over the years, All Phase Construction USA has always been open to rethinking the way they do business. This even includes reanalyzing their cleanup process on jobsites, which is why the roofing company now owns a number of Equipters that they can disperse to various locations.

    “We own four Equipters. Every time we do a job for an HOA, I cost a new one [add it into the price]. That’s my new business strategy. They are so helpful for our own crews as well as our sub crews. We have them use it for branding,”

    says Porosky.

    “Roofing is a messy business, so we like to advertise, and the Equipter is a big part of our sales pitch.”

    While things in the roofing business are now going swimmingly for Porosky, the reality is that many years ago, Porosky was dealing with being stiffed on commissions from his previous employer.

    “I started All Phase Construction USA because I initially was selling roofs for another company that didn’t pay the commissions that were owed. I liked the roofing business. I saw the opportunity and so I immediately went out, got my own roofing license, and started my own business,”

    explains Porosky.

    As mentioned, Porosky has developed quite the roofing operation, so much so that his business has consistently seen growth.

    And with that upward trend has also come the need to move into a new office space.

    “We were busting out of the seams at our building so I knew I had to go bigger, but that was at the beginning of COVID and we couldn’t find anything to rent,”

    says Porosky.

    “I started taking the route of buying land and was going to build, but the timeline wouldn’t have worked out. I wouldn’t have had enough time.”

    Fortunately, Porosky was able to secure a new building for All Phase Construction. Their new space adequately allows them to handle all the volume the company produces, and it even has led to Porosky investing in a machine that can create tile shingles and other roofing materials.

    “You give me any type of drawing with a measurement and we can make it,”

    Porosky says of his machine, and with the increasing market demand down in Deerfield Beach, Florida, it appears that Porosky’s investment will continue to pay dividends in the future.

    “I love where we are at because of the weather,”

    Porosky says.

    “I am originally from Canada, but this is also somewhere where I can do the roofing business year-round.”

    Ultimately, Porosky is happy with how his career in the roofing business has unfolded, but he adds that there is still much left to accomplish, including changing the way that professional roofing companies approach their business.

    “I like it. I enjoy it. I’m passionate about it,”

    Porosky says of the roofing industry.

    “I like making a difference. I feel that my company takes the customer down a journey that most contractors do not. We are selling $30,000-$40,000 projects. We should look professional, and here at All Phase Construction USA, we do.”

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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