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    Running Roofing Business as a couple: All Phase Construction Interview

    When it comes to roofing business owners, there are many who work tirelessly to ensure the success of their roofing company. That’s exactly what we found in our All Phase Construction Interview.

    In many cases, this is of extreme benefit to the roofing contractor and his business, but unfortunately, devoting seventy or eighty hours a week to the company can have adverse effects on the relationship between a contractor and his family.

    One contractor who understands this struggle is Chris Porosky, the owner of All Phase Construction USA in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

    Porosky actually runs the company alongside his wife, Zoya Haydic, who acknowledges that she and her husband have experienced conflicts related to work.

    Often, contention arises over Porosky’s undying commitment to the business.

    “That’s an understatement,”

    Porosky says when asked if he is a workaholic.

    “If there was a bubble over his head, there would be one billion boxes in that one bubble,”

    Haydic says in describing her husband’s love for the roofing industry.

    “That’s constantly happening at all hours, whether he’s dreaming about roofing, talking in his sleep about roofing, or walking on a roof. It’s all the time. The wheels don’t stop.”

    Haydic is ambivalent about her husband’s passion for roofing because while she feels that the company at times negatively impacts their relationship, she also understands that this is what makes her husband happy.

    “Some days I’m not okay with his workload, but most days I am okay with it,”

    she says.

    “That was a choice I made. I didn’t come here to change him.”

    At the same time, Porosky understands that he needs to be more conscientious of how much time he is spending time working so that his work-life balance doesn’t suffer.

    “I fail at work-life balance,”

    Porosky admits.

    “My wife helps ground me. She tries to bring more of a balance for us because even at dinner I want to talk about roofing, and every now and then she wants to talk about what was on The Bachelor.”

    “I try to cave a little here and there, but we also get a lot more accomplished because we can constantly talk about work.”

    For some spouses, dealing with an entrepreneurial-minded partner may seem exhausting, but for those who can manage that type of relationship, Haydic says that there are many things that can be done to ensure both the business and relationship can thrive.

    “There’s good and bad with this type of dynamic. A good friend of mine once talked about how you have to learn to tame your dragon. You have to learn to uplift what his strengths are yet reel him back in so that he gets a timeout,”

    explains Haydic.

    “And that’s not a bad thing. It’s just about hitting the pause button and evaluating what he’s thinking. If you can find that secret sauce, then you are good. I’m still trying to figure that out.”

    At All Phase Construction USA, both Porosky and Haydic occupy different roles within the company

    “We both wear many hats. We are working right now on staying in our respective lanes,”

    Porosky says with a smile.

    Adds Haydic:

    “We are currently talking about having more designated roles so there isn’t overlap.”

    At present, Haydic handles the accounting responsibilities and Porosky manages sales, but in other aspects of their roofing business, like deciding who to employ, the decision-making process is a joint effort.

    The couple admits that this method hasn’t always been smooth, which is why they recently brought in a headhunter to assist with acquiring outside talent.

    “I value Zoya’s judgment. I try to see the best in everyone, but her radar is better than mine. I trust everyone, while she is more cautious, and she usually comes out on top in those situations,”

    explains Porosky.

    In regard to the financial aspect of the business, Porosky usually is the one who is eager to pull the trigger on large purchases, while Haydic is more likely to exercise patience regarding big payments.

    “We actually formed a board recently, and if it is a purchase of more than $5,000, I have to get permission from my own board,”

    says Porosky.

    “He’s the one who has the boxes delivered. Usually [in relationships] it’s the other way around, but with him there’s always something coming,”

    Haydic adds.

    “I like Amazon,”

    Porosky says with another grin.

    To hear more of the interview with Chris Porosky and Zoya Haydic of All Phase Construction USA in Deerfield Beach, Florida, click on the video at the top of this page!

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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