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    Advantex Roofing – Company Tour

    The new Roofing Insights Directory has gotten off to nice start. As we move deeper into summer, the directory will continue to offer homeowners leads to quality contractors who embody the same ethics and quality of craftsmanship that Roofing Insights does.

    The first person to use the Roofing Insights Directory was a gentleman in Chicago. That man found Advantex Roofing and was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism their staff exhibited.

    Advantex Roofing is owned by Jim Klingbiel and Jeff Maxick.

    Klingbiel actually started the company, but quickly learned that he needed help if he was going to take his company to the next level.

    “Not having a partner in business, you wear all the hats,”

    Klingbiel tells Dmitry during a recent company tour.

    Klingbiel goes on to explain that Advantex Roofing did 175 roofs last year, but that number would not have been possible without co-owner Jeff Maxick and the rest of his team.

    As Dmitry and his camera crew were shown around Advantex’s warehouse, Klingbiel was asked which company he thought made the best shingles.

    The overwhelming answer?


    They’re the first brand of shingles Klingbiel pitches to potential customers when he sits down in their living rooms, and also how he builds a rapport with his clients.

    “Relationship with the client… is number one” he notes.

    Klingbiel also says that the sales process is 60% personality, 40% product, and that it doesn’t matter how good a product is because if people don’t feel comfortable around him, they’re not going to sign a contract with him.

    And in Chicago, Klingbiel has to be honest and trustworthy. If he’s not, there are between 3,000 and 5,000 other roofers who will gladly take his place.

    Despite the intense competition, Klingbiel is a believer that having the lowest price isn’t what consumers are looking for. He admits that Advantex isn’t the cheapest price on the market, “but we’re also not the highest price you’re going to get.”

    In addition to shingles, Advantex also does siding, but they do not install James Hardie, Roofing Insights preferred brand of siding.

    “Too heavy. Too awkward to work with,”

    Klingbiel mentions.

    “You’re not going to like my next video,”
    Dmitry jokes, referring to his 2020 siding guide.

    On the topic of videos, many contractors are reticent to produce content for YouTube and other social media platforms, despite the immense benefits doing so can have for a business.

    Advantex has seen firsthand the benefits of creating content that can then generate traffic and business to their website.

    “Since May 1st we went from 29,000 impressions to 49,000 to 69,000, to last month it was 97,000 impressions,”

    says Klingbiel.

    With all those impressions comes a substantial amount of leads. Klingbiel personally handles each lead because he feels his business isn’t yet big enough to hire a receptionist. This strategy has worked because Klingbiel estimates that right now his business is closing between 40-60% of their leads.

    “We’re out there selling ourselves,”

    he says, explaining a process that started from the bottom and is slowly working its way to the top.

    Even after Advantex Roofing installs a new roof for a homeowner, the relationship with the client does not end there.

    Klingbiel says what separates him from other companies is that he personally makes an effort to reach out to past clients and make sure they are fully satisfied with their roofs.

    The future looks bright for both Klingbiel and Advantex Roofing. The company is continuing to hire more salesmen and will also expand next year into Knoxville, Tennessee by opening up a metal roofing business.

    Knoxville is where Klingbiel would one day like to retire, and the smart bet would be if he continues to grow like he has, there is no doubt that Advantex and Klingbiel will be in a good position for many years to come.

    Thank you reading this content, and a huge shout out to Atlas Shingles for being a sponsor of Roofing Insights!

    If you’re in the market for a new roof, ask your local contractor how Atlas can help you!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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