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    Advanced Roofing


    Before Lawrenceville GA Roofing starts on a project, we bring samples of all the materials that will be used on building the customers dream. We educate the customer on why we use and recommend this product. The other, I’m sure you’ve heard the term Eat This, Not That. We try to bring the same concept of thinking to the table, Use This Material, Not That Material. We believe education is wealth, educated decisions in picking the best building materials will save you money in the long run, building up you our customer great wealth. I have traveled quite a bit around the country and a bit around the world, and educated myself and our employees on the most Advanced building systems. Lawrenceville GA Roofing applies those innovative ideas to build our customers their dream. State building codes are extremely important to us, every other month we look for what are the newest and latest requirements in building codes to install a roof, build a deck, build a patio, framing, install siding, install insulation (our values is key), install windows, build a foundation, footings, to build a driveway, to build walk ways, to build retaining walls, electrical, plumbing, HVAC etc. Even when we’re asked to modify a deck or a basement, we look to see if it’s up to code, if not, we modify and install the needed building products in order to be up to code before we continue with renovations. Cutting corners is not in our company’s DNA. Lawrenceville GA Roofing has refused projects before and continue to do so because we were asked to build a roof, decks, finished basements etc. in a inferior way. I have trained my employees and hold them accountable to the highest quality and workmanship level, we build the best that will last or we don’t do it at all. We cannot build one project at the highest standard and the next one not so much. The size of the job does not matter when it comes to doing it right. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

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