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    Dmitry's Take On The Equipter RB4000 Roofing Insights' Dmitry rates the Equipter RB4000 five stars stating,"Equipter RB4000 trailer is one of the most recent pieces of...

    We Help Homeowners Find The Best Roofers & Materials

    Roofing jobs are one among the biggest ticket items homeowners face. Buying a roof can be as expensive as buying a car. Insurance companies are often involved and there's a wide range in quality between the various materials and companies available in any given market. Who should you trust with such a massive purchase?

    Dmitry Lipinskiy started the Roofing Insights YouTube channel in 2017 to help homeowners navigate this crazy industry when he was a roofing contractor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company has steadily grown since then, now offering an online roofing school, business consulting, the annual Roofing Process Conference, a platform to connect homeowners with qualified contractors, and brokerage services for companies looking to buy or sell roofing businesses.

    We are the voice for the roofing community bringing experience, transparency, innovation, and technology to the marketplace. We shed light on bad practices to help empower contractors and consumers to make the right decision when shopping for roofing materials or services. We aim to lift as many hard-working individuals and companies up with us as possible, and raise the standards for the entire industry.

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