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    5 cool Roofing Tools and products from Orlando Roof EXPO

    We discovered five great roofing products

    I want to report to you about five new cool products that I have discovered at a roofing expo in Orland. I also want to encourage roofers to start attending roofing expos if you are not already, it’s a great place to learn about the business. Expos have a lot of great classes and you can gather a lot of cool ideas to implement into your business.

    I truly believe that traveling enriches us and that’s why I do it. Recently I’ve been to the Orlando Expo and discovered five great roofing products I just loved and if you read on, I think you will find them useful as well. Also, please keep in mind that this is just a review from an expert roofer some of these products I have not fully tested.

    1. Roofing Ventilation

    Cool product number one, engineered for venting straight through the roof, the DryerJack has nice low-profile aesthetics. You can see the innovation but what really impressed me is the little box. I can demonstrate to the homeowner how the DryerJack will ventilate your roofing system much better and you only need a few of them. So, spending twenty thirty forty dollars per DryerJack is not much when you’re already spending ten to twenty thousand dollars.

    As a matter of fact, roofs often fail not because of the quality of the shingle, not even because of the weather, but because of insulation. So, worth checking better roofing ventilation options, DryerJack could be one of those options.

    2. Protecting Plumbing Vents

    Cool product number two, a simple shield that protects the plumbing vents, the Critter Quitter. Its design has an internal component that drops the rainwater into the vent. This keeps the damaged portion of the vent dry and stops the leak. It also has a screen that stops frogs, rats, and other animals from entering the vent and ending up in your toilets or sinks.

    Critter Quitter is very simple to install. You pretty much just slide it over vents. If you have problems with critters or leaks in your roof and I see it all the time, people complaining that they have you know Chipmunks and different animals in their attics which is definitely a problem, then this is definitely the solution. It costs about thirty dollars check it out for yourself at the link below.

    3. Roof Safety Harness System Mast

    Cool product number three, I checked out the Ritz Safety booth and they start showing me their coolest safety vest and then low and behold I see the Ez-Line retractable horizontal lifeline system and that really impressed me. Roofers that want to put down an anchorage connector or stanchion system on the roof that houses a retractable cable system allowing for hands free horizontal mobility this is the way to go.

    Roofers always run the constant hazard of tripping because all the cords on the ground. This cable retraction system keeps you tight and secure without having to deal with cords on the roof. The way it works is it just coils around a central deployment anchor. Workers on the roof connect to it and it keeps everyone nice and secure. Once attached to the hands-free horizontal mobility system, the roofer is now free to rotate and move in different directions without the hazard of tripping.

    Obviously, it’s not for every job, it’s just too much hassle to install it and break it down but I see applications where it can be very handy so a cool product worth mentioning. If you guys are using it or have seen it used let me know in comments below.

    4. Tile Inspection Tool

    Cool product number four, a very simple ninety-degree angle load transfer device called the KC Wand made by Cleary Inspection Services. Capable of sliding underneath the nose of the tile and remaining in place as the loads are applied. Enables a roofer to check the installed roofs tiles to detect any loose tiles making sure the roof tiles are tight and were installed correctly.

    The KC Wand is as simple as it gets, it looks like a golf club. Pretty much all you do is lift tiles, there’s like four or five different sizes. I’ve been inspecting roofs for a long time and I always have a hard time picking them up. The KC Wand is going to make your life easier.

    The KC Wand runs between sixty to eighty dollars not too expensive, maybe a little bit overpriced you decide. Let me know, let them know what you think but cool tool.

    5. Beer Dispensing System

    Cool product number five, literally flips bartending upside down and probably the coolest bartending product or tool I’ve seen. The Bottoms Up beer dispenser may be the perfect excuse to order another drink, as if a roofer needs one, roofers are attracted to beer like bees on honey.

    Bottoms Up hooks up to any standard beer keg and uses unique cups and pitchers to work its magic. There’s a hole in the bottom of each container surrounded by a metal ring. The container snaps into the Bottoms Up dispenser, which fills it with beer and automatically stops pouring at a pre-programmed amount. The final secret is a flat, circular magnet that seals the cup’s hole when the container is lifted off the dispenser.

    Everybody was amazed how beer was filling from the bottom up which is cool. The reason I like it is because it’s a great marketing idea. If you want to attract a lot of roofers give them some beer in a unique way. Everybody was impressed so worth mentioning.

    Well those are my top five cool new products, what products would you like us to review next. Let me know what you think in comments below. We will be posting the upcoming conferences and expos that we will be attending so be sure to check that out and hopefully we will see you there. Thank you so much for reading.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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